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Understanding and healing Narcissistic abuse

Have you been through pain and anguish because of a relationship you considered to be narcissistic, sociopathic, or in some way exploitative and abusive? Do you find yourself feeling like you will NEVER trust again? If you've been struggling to understand what is happening to you, and to heal from a relationship with a partner, family member, friend or coworker, come learn about the common pattern that happened in your life that led you to narcissistic abuse, and the three areas you need to focus on for healing, and find your way to trusting again.


This is not a support group, but an educational event. It is not a substitute for therapy. I highly recommended attendees work with a therapist for their healing in addition to attending events through this meetup group. Safety in this group is paramount, and I reserve the right to turn away registrants.


Tiffany Kettermann, LPC, LMHC, CADCI is a survivor turned licensed therapist, teacher, and speaker who specializes in narcissistic abuse. She has been a featured speaker for World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, and is a teacher on, offering courses accredited by the American Psychological Association, helping to educate counselors on how to treat clients suffering from narcissistic abuse.


Class space is limited. Tickets required. Cost is $50.


This building has stairs for entry and may not be accessible for some.


Event will be held in the community room on the first floor.

This class runs several times throughout the year and is currently being produced into an online class.
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