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Our support group schedule

Health Allies provides a safe, non-judgmental and productive community for victims of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence to come for support.  Each week, you'll find a variety of groups for adult children of narcissists, domestic violence, or general narcissism.  Special focus groups include parenting, tools and skills for healing, and special guests and topics of interest to our clients.  Look for our trauma yoga classes, art therapy, and classes for kids in 2020!   Group size is typically capped around 9 members, and sometimes larger for the special events and classes. 

In order to join this community and attend any of our support groups, you do NOT have to be involved in one on one therapy with us, although we strongly suggest you have a therapist to help support you in your healing. Nor do you have to attend every week.   However you must fill out paperwork with us here before coming to any of our groups. Once the paperwork is done, all you need to do is RSVP to our weekly email if you want to come. There's no requirement for you to attend regularly, just that you RSVP if you do plan to come. 


 Email if you'd like to join us for any of our groups.

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