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Curtis White
Professional Counselor Associate #R5902
Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor

I see individuals in the
following age ranges:


  • Teens 16+

  • Adults


Communities Supported:


  • People with Disabilities

  • Ethical non-monogamy


  • Monday- Thursday

  • Afternoons and Evenings


  • Aetna

  • BCBS/Regence

  • Cigna

  • OHP Open Card

  • OHP HealthShare

  • OHP Trillium

  • Providence


My name is Curtis White. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Associate that specializes in working with individuals with  disabilities, depression, anxiety, and other persistent mental health disorders.  I am also an advocate in the LGBTQIA community and other marginalized identities presented with systematic oppression. I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and my Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Portland State University in 2019.


My approach to counseling is a collaborative experience that draws on the awareness of the Self. How our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs influence relationships with the Self, as well as how our environment affects these facets of everyday life. With self-compassion, gaining awareness of our inner-world can lead to a greater understanding of how our life choices affect our emotional and physical well-being and can be a guide to a more authentic and balanced life.

We often underestimate our own strengths and magnify our fears, forcing ourselves to limit our own options. Fortunately, we are social creatures that crave connection and are nourished by the support of the ones we love and care for. Through this support we gain new insight into ourselves and discover new ways to find the next steps

Specialty areas Include:

  • Anxiety

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Challenges associated with disabilities

  • Coping Skills

  • Depression

  • Ethical non-monogamy 

  • Life Transitions

  • Men's Issues

  • Mood disorders

  • Obsessive
    Compulsive Disorder

  • Personal Growth

  • Relationship Conflicts

  • Stress

  • Self-Esteem

  • Systemic Oppression

  • Trauma







We all have experiences of feeling stagnant, imbalanced, and disconnected. The path forward can be paved with uncertainty and doubt as you venture into the unknown, making it a difficult and isolating journey; It is in those instances where we are our most creative and resilient selves.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Contact our intake staff at:

971 270 0167

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