Jenny "Jey" Youngberg,
Professional Counselor Associate

I see individuals in the
following age ranges:

  • Children 10-12

  • Teens

  • Adults

Communities Supported:

  • Body Positivity

  • Intersex Allied

  • Non-Binary Allied

  • Open Relationships Non-Monogamy

  • Queer Allied

  • Racial Justice Allied

  • Sex Worker Allied

  • Sex-Positive, Kink Allied

  • Transgender Allied


  • Monday-Friday
     (some evenings available) 


  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • OHP Open Card

  • OHP Trillium

  • Providence

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To Schedule an Appointment:

Contact our intake staff at:

971 270 0167


As a queer non-binary clinician They | She, my work is focused on marginalized communities, with a strong emphasis on LGBTQIA2S+ and nonconforming individuals. I provide dedication to psychosocial treatments that are tailor-made to the individual and include sensitivity and respect for their cultural and spiritual framework. I provide a holistic approach to treatment of trauma and addiction that addresses mind, body and spirit.


I have a deep passion for helping others who have been harmed by community to once again find relation and safety in others.  We become who we are, including forming our identities through how we understand relationship.


My theoretical approach has been heavily influenced by attachment theory and relational psychodynamic psychotherapy. I believe that we are all beings who ultimately desire to belong and that most of our traumas are a result of somewhere down the line not being accepted in some way, shape or form. Oftentimes these wounds are in our subconscious and we have very little awareness of how much they can control our day to day interactions. What’s left unaddressed has a funny way of continuing to pop up. I believe that through the therapeutic relationship we learn how to access these somewhat hidden truths.  

Modalities I specialize in:

● Trauma informed care with an anti-oppressive lens

● Harm reduction addiction focus that considers how the intersections of trauma, diversity, and attachment theory can impact the recovery process

● Narrative therapy

● Attachment Theory (specifically attachment wounds)

● Motivational Interviewing

● Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change)

● Internal Family Systems

● Mindfulness | Self Compassion based practices

Therapy will feel wildly uncomfortable at times but this is also where the healing lies.  I aim as a therapist to contain a safe space to process these hard truths that can feel so new and invasive and believe that there is a special beauty in being able to have someone witness and hold the space for these sometimes powerful and painful realizations. Whether you are coming to therapy due to these relational wounds, abandonment, difficulty relating to others, struggles with addiction or even an overwhelming struggle with anxiety, depression, or shame I believe your decision to seek therapy is a badass one.


When I'm not being therapisty I love to play in nature (particularly water) and spend time with my loved ones and chosen family.  Some of my favorite things include: Adventure Time | Steven Universe, architectural tours and Nu metal.

Treatment areas of interest, but not limited to:

  • Drug/Alcohol Dependence/Abuse/Addiction


  • Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma

  • Anger Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Codependency

  • Compassion Fatigue 

  • Depression

  • Domestic Violence or
    Intimate Partner Violence

  • Gender Identity

  • Grief or Loss

  • LGBTQIA+ Issues

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Panic

  • Polyamorous and
    Open Relationships

  • Self-Harm

  • Sexual Abuse or Assault

Special projects I'm involved in:

I'm a featured speaker on the podcast, Human is My Label. Topic: The intersection of addiction and the LGBTQIA+






"Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate" Carl Jung