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Michelle Bernett
Clinical Supervisor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Teletherapy appointments only

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I see individuals in the
following age ranges:

  • Adults

Communities Supported:

  • Parents

  • Families

  • LGBTQIA+ allied

Insurances accepted:

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Crime Victims Compensation Fund

  • Kaiser

  • OHP Columbia Pacific

  • OHP Healthshare/Care Oregon

  • OHP Jackson Care Connect

  • OHP Open Card

  • OHP Pacificsource

  • OHP Trillium

  • Pacificsource

  • Providence


Hi, I am Michelle Bernett (she/her), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, working with individuals from both Oregon and California. You may meet me at Health Allies as your Intake Therapist.  This means I meet with you one time before you see your therapist for the first time.  Its my job to welcome you to this practice, to help get the paperwork straight including gathering additional information about what you are experiencing, and to help you feel welcomed and safe here. Insurance has a lot of requirements. My job is to know what those requirements are to help eliminate the financial worries of paying for therapy.   I ensure that we meet your insurance requirements so that your sessions are covered by completing an initial information gathering session. I also know all of the therapists on staff and can help match you with the best fit if you don't already have one. By taking on these tasks, I help your therapist focus on doing what they do best.  I look forward to meeting you! 

As a Mental Health Therapist, my philosophy is rooted in the belief that every person has the potential to learn, grow, and thrive. My approach to therapy is to provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters trust, understanding, and empathy. I recognize that many may have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings, and that their experiences can be vastly different from client to client. Therefore, I strive to be attuned to each unique perspective, using a developmentally appropriate approach to help them express
themselves and work towards their goals. I have extensive experience treating individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who experience comorbidities such as, anxiety, depression or ADHD across all age groups, as well as working with individuals who have experienced trauma.

In my practice, I often utilize evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. While working with adolescents, I also believe in the importance of involving parents and caregivers in the therapeutic process, as they play a critical role in supporting the child's progress outside of therapy sessions. I am committed to ongoing professional development and staying current with the latest research and best practices in the field, as I strive to provide the highest quality care to the clients and families I serve.

When I am not working, I enjoy being a mother, wife, and friend. My family enjoys taking road trips with our two dogs and visiting national parks and loved ones out of state.


Areas I enjoy working with include: 
● Trauma 

● Anxiety 
● Depression 
● Self-esteem 
● Parental Coaching

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