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Ruma Marshall,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Teletherapy appointments only

I see individuals in the
following age ranges:

  • Adults 18+

Communities Supported:

  • South Asian Culture

  • POC

  • LGBTQIA+ Allied 

  • Women’s Issues

Languages Supported:

  • Nepali

  • Newari


  • Monday - Friday  



  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Crime Victims Compensation Fund

  • Kaiser

  • Moda

  • OHP Columbia Pacific

  • OHP Healthshare/Care Oregon

  • OHP Jackson Care Connect

  • OHP Open Card

  • OHP Pacificsource

  • OHP Trillium

  • OHP Yamhill CCO

  • Pacificsource

  • Providence

  • Regence Blue Cross

  • United Healthcare


To Schedule an Appointment:

Contact our intake staff at:

971 270 0167

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”


                                — Peter A. Levine

Hello, I am Ruma Marshall, LCSW, CCTP and for many years I have been helping people experiencing intense adversities in their lives. I believe that we all have resources and strengths that we can draw on to be the best version of ourselves with the right support.

I am certified in treating trauma (I am a Licensed Clinical Trauma Professional- CCTP) and would be honored to help you on your healing journey. Most people have experienced some form of
trauma in their lives. It may have been an extremely stressful event or two. Or, it could be the lesser recognized - cumulative experience of long term neglect, abuse, interpersonal violence (either experiencing or witnessing them), etc. Being in this survival mode may come with persistent feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, feeling trapped, disconnected and detached. I operate from the framework that current patterns are a result of strategies to survive and adapt in the past but they are no longer serving us.

During the therapy process, when relevant, I explore relationship and attachment patterns with our caregivers during childhood/younger years and how these wounds and patterns have extended to our current lives . I have also been inspired by the contributions of Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolf, to name a few, who have taught us that not just the brain and our thinking patterns but also what is happening in our bodies are important. We know a lot more about stress hormones, the nervous system and the ways our minds and bodies try to survive extremely stressful experiences thanks to the findings of neuroscience. In therapy, I help with cultivating a deeper understanding of our stress response system and I also invite people to try somatic (body based) approaches to help with the healing process to regulate the nervous system.  In my experience the most genuine or helpful answers to our questions can be found in tuning into our internal experiences, one of them being, listening to the different parts of us through a process called IFS (Internal Family Systems), which I also like to use in therapy to help heal parts that have been wounded.

In addition to traumatic experiences, if you are struggling with grief/loss, are experiencing major life transitions or would like help managing your anxiety/depression, I look forward to working with you to help you on your healing journey. Being an immigrant of south Asian descent, I also have insight into South Asian culture. In addition to English, I also speak Nepali and Newari languages. I am in a biracial marriage and have embraced two cultures and have respect for multiple cultures, races
and ethnicities.

During my personal time, I like to be outdoors in nature in the company of trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. I love to travel, play with dogs, read and try new recipes.

Specialities served:

  • Intergenerational Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence

  • Grief and Loss

  • Immigrant populations

  • People of color

  • Anxiety

  • Depression



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