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You are not alone and sexual issues are normal (and common) in our society. Culturally, sex is often put on a pedestal and seen as the height of both sin and adventure. All of us receive mixed messages about how sex is “supposed" to look from our families, media, religion, and society at large. All of these conflicting narratives are combined with inadequate sex education. We are supposed to know how sex works, but we are not supposed to ask. It is no wonder then that we are often left feeling ashamed of the way we do not measure up to these impossible standards and without the tools to improve our relationship to sex. 


The sexual issues our practitioners can help you with include, but are not limited to, the following:


Identifying Your “Yeses” and Your “Nos”

Sexual Trauma Recovery

Reducing Sexual Anxiety 

Sex and Religion

Sex, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

Low Sexual Desire

Heightened Sexual Desire

Sex and Gender

Navigating Kink


How Can Therapy Help?


Whether you are seeking individual or partners’ counseling, here at Health Allies Counseling we can work together to help you integrate sexuality into your life in a way that feels healthy to you. Our practitioners use a variety of modalities to help you explore how to repair your relationship with sex including emotionally focused therapy, attachment-theory, mindfulness, and somatic therapy. This process often starts with figuring out what is going on for you, uncovering underlying beliefs about sex, and identifying strategies to help you embrace your sexuality. 


Please reach out to our front desk if you are interested in working with one of our practitioners to explore your relationship to sex.

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