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Domestic Violence

If you've found yourself in a relationship where domestic violence is present, or suspect it may be present, we can help.

Tiffany is a domestic violence survivor with over 10 years of healing behind her. Before going into private practice counseling, she volunteered for the YWCA facilitating domestic violence support groups, and she worked for the Portland Women's Crisis Line (now called Call to Safety).  She is trained in Crisis Response Services and worked on an area crisis team, responding with the police to individuals experiencing mental health crises in the Portland area.  As a result, she is familiar with resources in the Portland area available to help you. She'll never wonder why you stay, but she can help you understand why you respond certain ways to your relationship, and support you as you untangle complicated feelings and needs.

See individual counselor descriptions for more information about the experience and skills that our counselors have in dealing with domestic violence.

See our page on Narcissistic Abuse for more information around my experience in helping others in healing from domestic violence. While narcissistic abuse and domestic violence are not always the same things, there is lots of crossover that will help you in your healing.

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