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Gender Affirming Care Assessment + Letter Process Client FAQ

Process to getting setup with our practice and scheduling the Gender Affirming Assessment + Letter

-If you are not an established patient, email the front desk at to request an intake session for a gender affirming assessment and letter

-Admin staff send you the intake paperwork and consent documents for you to complete

-You complete all intake documents within the 24 hour timeline to secure an appointment

-Once admin staff receive your completed intake paperwork, they will then schedule you with either Elise Himes or Clark Hazel to complete the intake assessment and letter.


If I’m an existing client, how do I ask my therapist for a gender affirming letter?

–If you are an established client please reach out to your main therapist to request an intake session with one of our therapists who are trained in gender affirming assessments and gender affirming letters. Your therapist will reach out to the front desk to coordinate scheduling your intake with one of our two trained therapists, Elise Himes, LPC or Clark Hazel, LCSW .


How do I prepare for the assessment and letter writing process?

–Please make sure all your intake paperwork is completed in a timely manner so we can schedule your intake appointment as soon as possible. 


–Please allow for 60 mins of time for the intake appointment to go over your mental health history, medical diagnoses, family mental health history, please have ready the dates of your social and medical transition timeline written down and have ready to share the name of your primary care doctor and HRT prescribing provider’s name.


–Please make sure to complete the ROI (Release of Information) form located in your Simple Practice Client Portal for your surgeon’s office so we can fax over your gender affirming letter and communicate with your surgeon if there are any edits or changes needed.


What information do I need to bring with me to the intake/assessment session?

-Surgeon's full name

-The surgeon’s office exact fax number (required)

-Your surgeon’s office address 

-Name of your procedure

-Exact dates of when you started socially and medically transitioning 

-What is your post-op recovery plan (who will be taking you to and from the procedure, how much time are you taking off, who can be with you 24 hours after the procedure?)


When will my gender affirming letter be faxed to my surgeon’s office?

–Please allow for 2-7 business days of processing time, the therapist who completes your gender affirming assessment and letter will reach out to you to confirm the letter has been faxed by our quality assurance manager.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Resources

Steps for Medical Transition | Brave Space, LLC (OR)

These resources offer information about different steps in medical transition someone may consider, including hormone therapy and surgery.


Surgery Planning Guide For Gender Confirmation Surgery

So You Want To Top Surgery!  Most insurances cover breast reductions, T-anchor surgery, or chest reconstruction as necessary treatments for gender dysphoria! This includes OHP! 


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FTM/Non-binary Surgery Resources:

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Top surgery workshop/PowerPoint:

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Transmasc Resources: Presentations and Guides | T-MAC Chicago


Top Surgery FAQ:

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What to expect at your top surgery consult:

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Top Surgery considerations for Non-binary folks

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FTM Top Surgeons in OR:

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Hysterectomy Info:

FTM Hysterectomy Guide

FTM Hysterectomy Frequently Asked Questions


Metoidioplasty Info:

Metoidioplasty Explained

Non-Binary Options For Metoidioplasty


MTF/Non-binary Surgery Resources:

MTF Surgery

Breast augmentation:

MTF Breast Augmentation 101 – Everything You Need to Know


MTF Vaginoplasty: What Patients Need To Know Before Choosing a Technique


Orchiectomy Surgery


Surgeons Who Perform Gender-Affirming MTF Surgery

Non-binary options for bottom surgery:

Non-Binary Options For Bottom Surgery


Binding Safely:

Binding 101: Tips to Bind Your Chest Safely | Point of Pride

Tucking Safely:

Tucking Guide for Trans Femmes, Trans Women & AMAB - Trans Lifeline

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