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Shelby Keirn, Intake Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

Teletherapy appointments only

I see individuals in the
following age ranges:

  • Adults


  • Monday-Friday 

Insurances accepted:

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Crime Victims Compensation Fund

  • Kaiser

  • Moda

  • OHP Columbia Pacific

  • OHP Healthshare/Care Oregon

  • OHP Jackson Care Connect

  • OHP Open Card

  • OHP Pacificsource

  • OHP Trillium

  • OHP Yamhill CCO

  • Pacificsource

  • Providence

  • United Healthcare


Hi, I am Shelby Keirn. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in both Florida and Oregon, as well as a Qualified Supervisor and a Certified Addictions Professional.

You may meet me at Health Allies as your
 Intake Therapist.  This means I meet with you one time before you see your therapist for the first time.  Its my job to welcome you to this practice, to help get the paperwork straight including gathering additional information about what you are experiencing, and to help you feel welcomed and safe here. Insurance has a lot of requirements. My job is to know what those requirements are to help eliminate the financial worries of paying for therapy.   I ensure that we meet your insurance requirements so that your sessions are covered by completing an initial information gathering session. I also know all of the therapists on staff and can help match you with the best fit if you don't already have one. By taking on these tasks, I help your therapist focus on doing what they do best.  I look forward to meeting you! 

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida. I have extensive experience in mental health field including working with clients of all ages in community mental health, outpatient and inpatient settings, the court system, the school system and through private practice. My specialties include treatment for addictions, including gambling issues and substance dependency, personality dysfunctions, anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as family systems therapy. My goals are to increase productivity and communication on a stress-free level within your personal and professional life. The techniques I use include connecting mind-and-body, as well as evidence-based practices such as
solution focused, motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma focused therapy to lead clients in their most optimal daily functioning. I love connecting with people of all types and helping establish effective working relationships with my clients. In my free time I love to walk my dogs, listen to music and spend time with my family.

Areas I enjoy working with include:

  • Family issues

  • Anxiety related disorders

  • Depression

  • Increased functioning and self-esteem

  • Goal setting

  • Career coaching

  • Relationship building

To schedule an appointment:

Contact our intake staff at:

971 270 0167

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