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Narcissistic abuse

Our goal is to help you to understand narcissism and its effects on you, supporting you in healing what is keeping you stuck, and in understanding the patterns that may keep this cycle passing on from generation to generation. This kind of abuse isn't just from a partner - it can come from a partner, a parent, a family member, friends and coworkers. We bring both personal and professional experience to this issue, so you can be assured that you are getting help from someone who understands.

Narcissistic abuse means the abuse that comes from having someone in your life who has traits of narcissism or sociopathy, and it can also come from drug and alcohol abuse and psychotic disorders,  Ask us more about this! Support in your healing can include helping you navigate through divorce and custody battles, going "no contact" with family members, connecting you with others who have experienced similar issues, connecting you with resources throughout the community to help in your journey, learning how to set boundaries and rebuilding your support system.   

We offer individual counseling for adults and children, as well as weekly support groups.  We also offer informational sessions open to the public and teach courses on narcissism for counselors to learn more about helping clients. Tiffany has consulted with community groups about narcissism in various settings such as in health care settings, in the workplace, in spirituality, and in communities.


Here are a variety of resources you can find about Health Allies and Tiffany Kettermann's work:

My facebook group is here


Here is a meetup group that I facilitate:  Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Youtube interviews:

The effects of narcissistic abuse in domestic violence

Why Victims Struggle to Leave

I also teach courses in narcissistic abuse on, which provides courses for CEUs to counselors on the topic of narcissistic abuse.  

Interview with lovefraud about my course,  Understanding and Recognizing Narcissistic Abuse

The course is found here: 

   Understanding and Recognizing Narcissistic Abuse


Here is my personal story:

   Trapped in a Military Marriage

Find my interview on World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (podcast) here:

  You are not a narc magnet: four keys to ending intergenerational patterns of narcissistic abuse

Story published in the elephant journal here:

   Toxic relationships

Spending time with Richard Grannon, The Spartan Life Coach in 2017 presenting a seminar on narcissistic abuse. He also joined our support groups for a Q&A session.

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